We Specialize in Crystal, Glass and Rare Stone offering unique one of a kind works of art
We Specialize in Crystal, Glass and Rare Stone offering unique one of a kind works of art
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Scroll down to see the steps this prism went through to completion.
First order of business was to cut the initial shape from the large block of BK7 optical
leaded crystal. Cutting it created 12 various shaped and size crystal prism blanks that
will make for very cool prisms as well. I gave it a half inch of play room just in case it
went south on me as many prisms do. Being that measurements had to be exact with
this one I did not want to take any chances.
Using silicon carbide and a great deal of elbow grease I took all the sides down to match
and line up. The first sign of insanity, I had to mark where I had been with an x because I
was unable to tell the sides apart. Since there isn't a top or bottom, no matter how you
look at it, it is the same all the way around. Faceting will solve that. But first it had to go
through the blank process where I grind and all the sides and get it ready to polish.
After the sides have been ground with a system very much like sanding wood to a fine
finish, the prism is rough polished clear just enough to see inside in order to dial in on
the facets. All tips are sharp and meet accurately. Now it is time to facet.
Here the first series of facets have been dialed in with the rough grind. All I am concerned with at this
point is making sure they all stay the same size. Since further grinding in the next couple grinds will
take them down even more, I want to make sure here that the middle facet all the way around is the
same size. The second and third facets can be loosely ground just enough to remove glass from that
spot. The next grind will concentrate on lining them up. Then the third and final grind will fine tune
them and I can make sure all facets and tips are lined up. The problem starts when one facet chips a
sizable piece out that requires severe grinding to cover up. Then you just have to go back and
match all twelve sets of series to even it out again. It's called a nightmare that usually happens in the
final grind because all your edges are fine tuned and chip VERY easily. After grinding all the facets,
it will be time to final polish all the sides in case any surfaces need to go back for a touch up.
HA! Try finding your way out of the center of this Universe!
Now I am just having a blast!
Now that's how it's done!
make all the tips identical which is what she originally wanted. But tapered facets create better light
refraction than straight as they create a rainbow teardrop. Straight facets are beautiful as well
however they would make the prism smaller and less dramatic. Here now I get to see the incredible
refraction inside this prism. It has two sharp tips, two fan tips, and two star burst tips. All that is left
now is to make it through the polishing process with out any accidents!