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Crystal Suncatcher 26
This Suncatcher is the sister to Crystal
Suncatcher 25. It was one before it became
two. Shape and facet arrangements are the
same however they are very different as
they oppose each other in their views. It has
25 facets and as you can see, it creates
rainbows just as effectively as the larger
prisms. You can make these rainbow shots
right on your kitchen counter. You will need
to have a prism to create the rainbow and
then another to place in that rainbow. It is
hung with Italian Leather, Mahogany
Obsidian, Chines crystal Bead, Onyx and
black glass beads. It is 1 7/8 inches tall and
is 1.5 inches by 7/8 inches wide. It is
available for $50.00