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The Gaffer Stone
This work of art consists of several mediums created using several
techniques to say the least! The glass is Gaffer leaded crystal and was
used due to its ability to fuse with less bubbles as we continue to strive
for that
mystic prism. We are closer than ever before and I believe this
is the first of many more to come. The glass was cut and fused into a
solid mass before it was poked while red hot. The poke caused the
shape of the colored glass in the center leaving the tip with very few
bubbles. The blue dichroic in between the glass and stone play an
incredible game with the colored fused glass creating an explosion of
stunning beauty deep in the mystic. The stones are Obsidian, Picasso
Stone, Mahogany Obsidian, Fossil Stone, Rhyolite and Granite. It
stands  5.75 inches tall and about 1.75 inches in radius.
Wow! Take a look at the face behind
the prism. Is it the sun moon?