This magnificent prism was created through a very long process of research and development resulting in
its stunning appearance. From the Poked glass that has been placed on the bottom of the piece to the
crystal curved top it is certain to muse anyone who stands in its presence. It stands a whopping 9 inches tall
with a lens blank custom faceted to fit as a base. Brought all together by the magenta Dichroic on top of the
glass poke and teal dichroic underneath the glass poke. The Glass poke was created with Black, white and
clear glass.
Listed Price $500.00
All sales are handled through paypal. Please contact me before purchase to insure availability
This close-up shot of the glass poke
reveals what the teal dichro is doing
beneath it. It looks to me like a stingray in
a water frenzy. You will need a spot light
hitting the right angle in order to get
these effects however definitely worth it
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