The Great Octahedron
This Crystal Prism was commissioned by a talented artist to be a part of her sculpture. The symmetry had
to be 100% in order to work in her vision. With 42 facets wrapping around this incredible beauty, the
insanity involved in maintaining symmetry was by far the most challenging lesson in discipline I have ever
taken upon myself. The end result was worth every frustrating moment it took to create it. There is no end
or beginning with it. No top or bottom and you can easily get lost inside of it. I did... a few times!
With eight faces this crystal prism totally ROCKS!. I am going to have to do it again :~)
See how it was made. Click here:
The making of the Great Octahedron
These Photos were taken in direct lighting
These Photos were taken With a flash
Both Starburst faces are severe diamond
shaped due to the cascading facets
These Photos were taken with a long exposure in no light at all. It allows the full depth of the refractive qualities in it
With a spotlight!
Just a little above and below 4 1/2
inches depending on which angle you
look at it
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