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Quartz Metaphysical Crystal Wand
Our first Quartz Crystal master piece is a powerhouse of
metaphysical healing and protection energy. After many
years of sculpting crystal, I have deeper appreciation for
quartz crystal then I do for the Crystal I use on the
prisms however it can't just be any crystal, it has to have
a clear tip for my taste. A combination of 8 different
materials this incredible wand comes complete from top
to bottom with Quartz Crystal, Orange Dichroic, Black
and clear fused glass, Tiger Eye, Black Obsidian,
Jasper, Picasso Stone and a sheet of white fusible glass
through the base. It has custom faceting added to the
natural faceting in the tip. Uber polished with straight cut
facets this one of a kind beauty stands a whopping 6
inches tall and is tapered with a width at the base of 1
inch and 1 1/4 inches wide. It is available for $300.00