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Medstone Cascade
1st in Series
The next Meditation Stone prism produced in our studio is a
very complex piece both in what it does with light and the way
the stone tile on the bottom of this prism plays with the
reflection and refraction on the inside. It is a smaller piece
however you could never tell by looking at it in these
photographs. The stone tile is intended to add an element of
metaphysical energy as meditating can be enhanced by getting
lost inside this piece. The stones in the tile are Rhyolite,
Mahogany Obsidian, Picasso Stone, and Black Obsidian. There
is a strip of opaque white glass streaking through the middle
adding to the intense world inside this prism. It stands 2 3/4
inches tall and is 1 1/2 inches by 7/8 inches wide. It is available
for $90.00
The images with a rainbow can certainly been seen in any home
however you will need another glass prism to create the rainbow,
and then set your piece on it. In order to take a good photo you will
need a professional camera where the settings can be manipulated.