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The Medstone Calla Lilly
working on a new technique for a stone base, I
have developed what I am going to call a
Medstone Base. Med as in meditative . Medicine
for the spiritual being. The stone tile created on
the bottom of this prism is a slice of a man made
tourmaline stone consisting of Picasso Stone,
Rhyolite and a slice of white fused glass. The
Tourmaline stone the tile came from itself was a
major work of art. I refer to it as tourmaline
because it has several mineral properties bonded
into one gemstone. Rhyolite brings progression of
life and the ability to find answers for unresolved
issues from within. The Picasso Stone has
grounding and calming properties bringing inner
strength and self-discipline. This first prism is
really just an experiment gone incredible well. New
crazier ones are on the way! This one stands 2.5
inches tall and is 7/8 inches by 7/8 inches wide.
It is available for $75.00