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Blue Fused Glass Crystal Wand
2nd in Series
This blue fused glass crystal wand is the twin sister to the
first wand created by the same materials. They are the
same size making them almost identical if not for the
change in dichroic color and the faceting which also has
it's own DNA. Like the other, It's base is clear fused glass
swirled with peacock blue fired in what we call a poke.
Kellie layered sheets of clear glass and a few sheets of
peacock blue glass. Took them to 1650 degrees and
while molten red hot, poked the glass causing a ripple
that froze in time as it cooled over a four day period.
Although it is not a quartz Crystal the energy radiating
from this beauty can only be compared to it's twin sister,
a second blue fused glass crystal wand. Each unique in
their own right. This one has Magenta rainbow dichroic
between the two pieces of glass. It stands 4 1/2 inches
tall and is 1 inch by 1 inch wide
it is available for $175.00  
This image with a rainbow can certainly been seen in any home
however you will need another glass prism to create the rainbow,
and then set your piece on it. In order to take a good photo you will
need a professional camera where the settings can be manipulated.