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Blue Fused Glass Crystal Wand
The latest wand form our studio brings this fascinating
crystal prism cut to resemble a natural cut quartz crystal.
It's base is clear fused glass swirled with peacock blue
fired in what we call a poke. Kellie layered sheets of clear
glass and a few sheets of peacock blue glass. Took them
to 1650 degrees and while molten red hot, poked the
glass causing a ripple that froze in time as it cooled over
a four day period. Although it is not a quartz Crystal the
energy radiating from this beauty can only be compared
to it's twin sister, a second blue fused glass crystal wand.
Each unique in their own right. It has teal rainbow dichroic
between the two pieces of glass. It stands 4 1/2 inches
tall and is 1 inch by 1 inch wide. It is available for
This image with a rainbow can certainly been seen in any home
however you will need another glass prism to create the rainbow,
and then set your piece on it. In order to take a good photo you will
need a professional camera where the settings can be manipulated.