Print Gallery
Welcome to our  new print gallery. Our rainbowscapes have created quite the stir online and we feel it is time to create this page and make available to
anyone, a print any size and on almost any format. The shots are taken at  300dpi and can be printed fairly large in high definition. These are actual
rainbows being split as light passes through these incredible hand made one of a kind prisms.
The Starburst is another crazy design. Its height allows for light to refract
rainbows can certainly been seen in any home however you will need
another glass prism to create the rainbow, and then set your piece on it.
In order to take a good photo you will need a professional camera where
the settings can be manipulated. This image is 12 x 12 @ 300 dpi. It can
be printed on glossy paper, matte paper and even stretched canvas.
They can be delivered rolled in a tube or framed. Framed will be
additional in cost.

Matte or glossy print $30.00

Giclee canvas Print with 2 inch mirrored edge for a frame less display

Contact us for a quote on any other sizes and options.