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Picasso Tile Pendant
This incredible piece of Picasso Stone is small and
petite. With just beveled edges I am able to offer it
for far less than the larger pendants with Dichroic
on them. This work is to emphasize the beauty and
awesomeness of the actual stone. While still
carrying the full weight of its metaphysic frequency.
Picasso Stone is a type of Marble that is
metamorphosed Limestone. A calcium magnesium
Carbonate mineral. The frequency of this stone
stimulates one’s creative talents enabling one to
bring one’s creative thoughts into manifestation.  It
supports will power to persevere with desire
changing life accordingly. It is a very powerful inner
strength stone bringing awareness, clarity and self-
control. This pendant hangs from corner to corner
at 3/4 of an inch and is 4/16 of an inch by 7/16
inches wide.
It is available for $10.00