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Obsidian Talon
This new pendant design was created to look like a Talon or
Claw. Completely hand faceted there will be several of these
coming out in several types of stone carrying many different
energies and frequencies. Black Obsidian is made from molten
lava and comes in many colors and textures. Here you can see
the layers of compressed black ash streaking through like grain
of wood. Obsidian is a protection stone. I puts the hammer down
on negative energy and blocks its bearer from aggression and
oppression. Further it dispels negative thoughts and increases
power in ones Aura and inner strength. The pendant does not
come attached to anything. If you would like it strung, Let me
know as the cost will then be $27.50 and I'll need to change the
purchase amount before you purchase. It will come with a 2mm
Italian Leather Cord, Silver or brass wiring on each side of the
pendant and a magnetic clasp. It hangs just over 1 1/4 inches
tall and is 5/16 inches by 5/16 inches wide.
It is available for $20.00