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Gem and Stone Pendant
Thunder Egg!
Our latest Stone Pendant masterpiece comes from the heart of
the stone Thunder Egg. From the Geode family this variation
has closed centers of Chalcidony and other sediments that
compose the end result. Created by volcanic activity, they began
as gas pockets percolating in Lava. It has Cyan Dichroic on the
face allowing for the beautiful color as well as the clarity it
provides enabling us to see the stone beneath. It is a grounding
stone connecting one to Mother Earth and one to one's self
through it's magnetic core. It dispels negativity and replaces it
with better vibrations such as peace, love and happiness. It is a
larger piece hanging 1 3/8 inches tall and is 5/8 inches by 3/8
inches wide. It is available for $40.00. We can let the pendant
itself go for $35.00 however you will need to let me know before
you buy so I can adjust the price.