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Gem and Stone 7
The 7th Gem and Stone pendant in our series is the most complicated
design in this line of work to date. Mahogany Obsidian and Picasso Stone
were bonded together making one solid piece to start with. There is a lot
of work already incorporated in the stone work before it even begins on
its journey to pendanthood. What I find so fascinating about this piece is
that the veins of soot and ash can be seen THROUGH the Blue/Teal
dichroic on the face and then when light hits the dichroic you have a
combination of events occurring consisting of reflection and absorption.
This pendant has a lot of energy flowing from it that has nothing to do
with light. Obsidian is a very powerful Grounding stone that protects the
spirit from Negative energy and oppression.  The energy from the
Picasso Stone Consists also of spiritual grounding but focuses on inner
spiritual grounding and self awareness being in a state of mind where you
belong. Focused on your abilities, especially if you are creative. I have
been in love with this stone since we met 30 years ago. It hangs 1 inch
Tall and is 3/8 inch by 3/8 of an inch wide. It is available for $20.00