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Fused Glass Pendant #4
Fused glass pendant 4 is very much like fused glass
pendant #3! In fact it was cut from the same piece side by
side. With fused glass created by Kellie. There are several
layers of glass arranged in a very complex pattern and
then fused into one solid piece..or tile. Which I then cut into
individual shapes and sculpt them to perfection. This one
has fused clear, grey  and black glass with a layer of dichro
slide next to the bottom. Then ANOTHER layer of teal
dichro on the bottom. The dichrioc has a substrate color of
yellow very much like a 2-way mirror so when light hits the is yellow. The shadow it casts makes depth in the
piece more than just an optical illusion. It is petite with a 14
inch leather necklace. It comes with a magnetic clasp for
easy placement and removal. The piece itself hangs 1 inch
tall and is 1/4 of an inch by 1/4 of an inch wide.
It is available for $20.00