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Fused Glass Pendant 19
This fused glass pendant comes from our
Dragons Breath glass stock. Melted shards of
Red, yellow and clear glass gives the pendant the
appearance of extreme heat while at the same
time the teal dichroic on the back gives it an icy
cold appearance. It is the perfect fire and ice
piece. The secondary color of the dichroic is
yellow causing the colors of the piece to change
depending on the conditions of your apparel. Only
a little bit of this glass left. No two batches are
ever the same as each batch of glass has its own
DNA. It hangs 1 5/8 inches tall and is 5/8 of and
inch by 1/4 inch wide. It is strung with Italian
Leather and Brass Wire. Comes with a magnetic
Clasp for easy application and removal. It is
available for $45.00