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Our Jewelry is also one of a kind glass artwork comprised of multiple mediums. We are boiling, fusing and bonding glass
to glass and glass to Stone sculpting one of a kind works of art that can be worn with pride.
Boiled glass bolo tie
1st in series!
Fused Glass Pendant
4th in series
Fused Glass Pendant
7st in Series
Dragon's Breath
17th in series
Gem and Stone 5
Fused Glass Pendant
23rd in Series      
Fused Glass Pendant 19
Dragon,s Breath
Gem and Stone 7th in Series
Picasso Obsidian
Stone and Crystal
Pendant 1st in series
Gem and Stone Pendant
8th in series
Thunder Egg
Gem and Stone Pendant
9th in Series
Mahogany Obsidian
Picasso Stone Tile
GemStone Pendant
16th in Series
Picasso Stone