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Stone Crystal Pendant
Way Back in the beginning when we first started we made
a few of these designs and they didn't sell well. We argued
the reason being that the hole should be in the stone part
and not the crystal part. With Dichroic in these little
beauties they would glow like candles but with the crystal
pointing down it is hardly an option. If these new ones sell
we will make more once again. This one is made with
Labradorite, a reflective stone that has iridescent layers of
crystal that can be seen below the surface. It is considered
a magical Stone that had fallen from the Aurora Borealis
bringing with it intuition and psychic abilities  as it aids
self-healing and protection. It is a stone carried by
Shaman and Medicine men It hangs on the larger side of 1
3/4 inches tall and is 3/8 of and inch by 3/8 of  an inch
Wide. It is strung with Italian Leather and silver plated wire.
It is available for $50.00