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We have started our first ever fused glass Bolo tie series for
men and women who want to make a serious impression.
See how it is done!
The many steps and processes necessary to complete
these beautiful works of art are posted here.
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Welcome to Crystal by Mystic Prism!
Recipients of multiple awards in creative glass and stone
sculpture, artists Steve and Kellie Sanchez strive constantly
to break all rules and barriers exploring the possibilities of
what can and what shouldn't be done with glass.  

  • Our glass works make excellent  unique one of a kind gifts for
    the special ones in your life.
  • Our prisms are handcrafted using optically pure leaded crystal
    and various colors of dichroic offering different refractive
  • Our hand faceted pendants are unique and brilliant and will
    certainly demand attention to anyone wearing them.
  • Our new boiled glass work has opened new dimensions with
    stunning color effects.
  • Our fused glass candle holders and Wind Chimes are also one
    of a kind crafts that use the energy of the sunlight and catch
    the energy of the wind for that peaceful sense of sound.
  • We are incorporating rare stone in many of our Pieces
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Latest Massive Prism!
The Great Octahedron
Latest Stone Prism!
The Gaffer Stone
Fused Glass
butterfly Protoype
What is Dichroic? We use it on many of our works
Latest Deep Boil!
The Shining
Our Latest Video!
The Pink Calla Lily Floyd extravaganza hits dead center with this incredible
special effect video showing off many different refractive qualities of the prism
as it is hit with lasers and spotlights. The link will take you to Youtube.com
Just In! Blue Fused Glass
Crystal Wand!
Latest Prism!
The Medstone Calla Lily
Just In!
Cold Stone Crystal Pendant!
Print Gallery
NEW!! Another incredible Light display from the 1st of its
kind with the new Medstone Base. The Medstone Starburst!
We have been developing new stone bases over the past couple
years experimenting with different ways I can incorporate stone with
glass. Up until now it has been a fairly random process. Seeing how
symmetry can literally flip thrice fold has created an urge to make more
of a controled effort on futuer pieces. These are very exciting
developments for our studio. We have reached the next level!  
New Design!
Natural Quartz Crystal Wand